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The Global Football Marketplace. It’s a Whole New Game.

GoalFace is looking for a limited number of marquee sponsors interested in engaging and conversing with a global football (soccer) fan base in a vibrant, fun and engaging online experience. Contact us for information about available sponsorship opportunities you can use to get you in the game and win.

Extend Your Reach in the Global Football Marketplace

GoalFace is a vertical social media platform delivering best-of-breed community and football content experiences via its Web site, social media applications and other channels to fans around the world—anytime, everywhere, on demand.

  • Take advantage of the Internet’s worldwide reach, limitless capacity, flexibility, and one-to-one targeting power.
  • Target fans anywhere, anytime who are already engaged with players and teams—from the international to the neighbourhood level.
  • Bond your brand to consumer groups in a resilient, meaningful way.
  • Cut through the limitations imposed by traditional broadcast and media markets.

Make GoalFace a Key Driver in Your Marketing Plans

With GoalFace, you can—

  • Drive sales with increased product/brand awareness.
  • Create strong loyalty and increase perceived value through an association with professional football at any marketplace level you choose.
  • Utilize the affordable power of a seamless marketing and distribution platform that launches your campaign across multiple media, channels, and geographies.
  • Track and measure response to your messaging and refine it in real-time as you need.

To grab your share of the global football marketplace contact the GoalFace sales team at
sales at GoalFace dot com.