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Rules of the Game (A.K.A the Community Guidelines)

Are you a lawyer? None of us here at GoalFace are; that's why we had this handy guide to interpret the ever long Terms of Service. Enjoy.

Be nice.

Among the many purposes of GoalFace, one of them is to create a pleasant environment for football fans all around the world to discuss, rave and celebrate their favorite teams and players. This is going to be really hard to do if everyone is a blockhead. There might not be an "i" in "team", but there is in "nice."

Don't get booked.

Don't you hate it when the opposition knowingly cheats to draw a foul? It bums us out too. So play fair on the site. This means no spamming, cloning a username, smear campaigns or any other type of tomfoolery. Understood? It would be a shame to get a red card so early on in your GoalFace career...

Clean sheets are best.

Inappropriate images or video, links to non-related Web sites (yes, this means YOU Viagra marketers), advertising for a business, hate speech, personal attacks and harassment are all unacceptable.

When posting your own content, we'd prefer you keep things "safe for primetime," meaning, if you wouldn't see or hear it on network television between the hours of 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, you may not want to post it here. Albeit, we don't want to squash your creative side, so if you are going to use strong language, just don't direct it at another member, cool?

Keep it legal.

If it's against United States law or the laws of your own country, don't do it here. Likewise, if it's against the Terms of Service ... you guessed it.

No "flopping" is allowed.

Making fun of others for their views on an issue or instigating bad behavior are all ways to have your computer confiscated, your body tarred/feathered and your account noted (OK, we won't confiscate your computer or tar and feather you, but we might write you a nasty-gram telling you to act your age and not your shoe size).

No hooligans.

Stalking others on the service, threatening their safety or impersonating them or someone else are all sure ways to get your account booked and law enforcement involved.

Don't be that guy.

Moderate your content

It is each Fan's responsibility to moderate the comments, photos, video, etc., which are through out the site. We have created tools so that you can report bad content. If you need help (or just a high five), fire off an e-mail to [email protected].

Also you may want to view the useful tips in our FAQ section, which explains how to do some of the most common things on the service.

Enjoy it.

If you aren't having a blast while on the site, something is seriously wrong. We'd love to hear your thoughts about the site and what we can improve. Send your ideas, gripes, concerns, etc. to [email protected].

Last updated June 21, 2009.