Goal Face

The Global Football Marketplace. It’s a Whole New Game.

GoalFace is looking for a limited number of marquee sponsors interested in reaching and conversing with a global football fan base. Contact us about available sponsorship opportunities you can use to get in the game and win!

Extend your reach in the global football marketplace

GoalFace is a vertical social media platform delivering best-of-breed football content experiences to fans around the world—anytime, everywhere, on demand.

It’s every marketer’s dream to find a vehicle like GoalFace to reach his global, niche audience. GoalFace makes it possible for you to:

  • Take advantage of the Internet’s worldwide reach, limitless capacity, flexibility, and one-to-one targeting power.
  • Target fans anywhere, anytime who are already engaged with players, stars, and clubs—from the international to the neighbourhood level.
  • Bond your brand to consumer groups in a resilient, meaningful way
  • Cut through the limitations imposed by traditional broadcast and media markets.

Make GoalFace a key driver in your marketing plans. With GoalFace, you can:

  • Drive sales with increased brand and product awareness.
  • Create strong loyalty and increase perceived value through an association with professional football at any marketplace level you choose.
  • Utilize the affordable power of a seamless marketing and distribution platform that launches your campaign across multiple media, channels, and geographies.
  • Track and measure response to your messaging and refine it in real-time as you need.

To grab your share of the global football marketplace, contact the GoalFace sales team at sales at GoalFace dot com